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This product is a car FM transmitter with MP3 uses a dedicated5.0 high-performance Bluetooth module, and built-in high-quality MP3/WAMdecoder chip. It can transfer the music inside the U drive wireless to thecar audio, as long as your phone supports Bluetooth. After the connectionis successful, you can send the music to your car audio through the car FM.You can enjoy the music without modifying your car. If there is an incomingcall, the caller number will be automatically broadcast. After answering, youcan switch your call to hands-free status and continue playing music afterthe call ends ( making your driving safer and enjoying music).



1. Bluetooth mode:

(1)Put this product into the car cigarette lighter, open the phone Bluetooth, search for the Bluetooth name: BT-CAR Kit, click the connection pairing successfully, and then match the FM frequency. You can listen to music or make a call.

(2) When call is coming, press the to answer the call automatically.

(3) If you want to reject the call, press the button .

(4) Recall the phone: double-click the phone button to call out the last number dialed.

(5) When you turn on the mobile phone GPS navigation, you can use the car's audio broadcast GPS navigation to make your driving more secure.


2. U disk mode:

(1)Insert the U disk, the car audio automatically plays the music in the U disk.

(2)You can control the music volume by press and , the volume is adjusted to 26 is the best.


3. FM function:

(1)If you want to change the FM frequency, press button for 3 seconds to activate the frequency. When the display is flashing, you can press and select the frequency.

(2)Switch songs, you can switch songs by button and that plus and minus.

(3)Frequency range of the car MP3 (87.5-108.0), when the product is lit, the display will show frequency number, in order to use the sound quality to achieve the best, the car frequency is adjusted to an empty frequency, then match frequency for product.


4.USB charging function:

USB port can charge electronic digital products,charging output 5V 3.1A/5V 1A.


5. Power-off memory:

When this product is powered off, it remembers the frequency that is used and the music in USB drive that is played before the it is turned down. When this product is restarted again, it will continue play music that you listen to last time.

Car Charger Bluetooth FM Transmitter

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