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Keep your eyes on the road and your phone secure in transit with the ultra-durable, shock-absorbing Handlebar-Mounted Adjustable Silicone Phone Holder.

Suitable for bicycle and motorcycle handlebars
Supports devices up to 6.5”
360° Rotation with vertical and horizontal display options
Durable silicone and shock-absorbent design
Easily follow your GPS map, take calls and safely access your phone while cycling or riding with the Handlebar-Mounted Adjustable Silicone Phone Holder, allowing you to concentrate on the road with minimal distraction.

With a clamp that easily secures to your handlebar, a durable silicone grip and superior shock-absorbent design, you can enjoy better peace of mind that your device is protected on long road trips and over rough terrain.

Easy One Touch Handlebar Mounted Adjustable Phone Holder

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