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REMAX PRODA PD-BT430 Pro is a great alternative to the famous AirPods 3.

  • The headphones are great for listening to music and making calls.
  •  4 hours, music playback: 6-7 hours. Allows you to keep the duration of the battery capacity  40 mA h - for headphones, 300 mA h 
  • The lightness and compactness of the device will also be pleasant: dimensions 54.3 * 46.2 * 21.5 mm and weight 46.5 g , which allows you to carry the device everywhere with you.
  • The headphones are completely wireless and connect to the iPhone or Android system using the Bluetooth 5.3 interface.
  • The sound quality is amazing, transparent mode is supported, allowing you to hear the world around you in the in-ear headphones with accuracy, as if without headphones.

REMAX PD-BT430 Pro Wireless Earphones

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